Aug 19, 2009

How to Teach Reading Games

By Kim Waits -- eHow Contributing Writer

Playing reading games that teach letter and word recognition, along with movement and art is something most young children enjoy, and therefore should be a part of your daily teaching routine. Children will be more interested in participating in reading games if the activities are set up for the child to succeed. Be sure the children in your class possess the necessary skills to successfully participate in each activity before teaching a reading game to the class.

Things You'll Need:

* Index cards
* Black marker
* Basket
* Construction paper, assorted colors
* Magazines
* Scissors
* Permanent marker
* Stapler
* Word card
* Art paper
* Finger paint
* Letter cards
* Box
* Dark blue construction paper
* White glue
* Glitter, assorted colors
* Poster board
* Safety scissors
* Glue sticks and white glue
* Sequins
* Assorted buttons
* Wallpaper samples
* Glitter


Step 1

Write an action word such as “skip” or “run” on numerous index cards with a black marker. Place the cards in a basket and have the children come up one at a time to pick a card and then perform the action.

Step 2

Play the “Which one is out?” reading game. Have the children sit in a circle on the floor. When you have everyone’s attention, recite a group of words, all but one of which begins with the same letter. See if the children can spot the word that doesn’t belong in the group.

Step 3

Create an alphabet scrapbook for each child by writing a letter at the top of each page of construction paper. Cut pictures of animals, people and everyday objects from magazines that begin with those letters and tape them on the appropriate pages. Using a permanent marker, write the names of the objects below the pictures and staple the pages together.

Step 4

Provide each child with a word card, art paper and finger paint. Ask the child to recreate the word by dipping a finger in the paint and then recreating the word on the art paper.

Step 5

Put several letter cards in a box. Have the children come to the front of the class one at a time and pick one card from the box. Ask the child to read the word on the card and find something in the room that begins with that letter.

Step 6

Have each child print a capital and a small letter on a large piece of dark blue construction paper. Instruct the children to trace over the letter with white glue, and sprinkle the glue with colored glitter. Shake off any glitter that did not stick to the glue, and hang the picture up to dry.

Step 7

Draw an outline of large letters on a pieces of poster board. Provide safety scissors for the children to cut out the letters. Give the children an assortment of confetti, sequins, large and small buttons, pieces of wallpaper and glitter to create a collage on the letters.

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